Sue Lundquist

Sue Lundquist is an accomplished speaker and radio host with knowledge sourced from more than 25 years of experience in personal development and interviewing hundreds of the most inspiring minds. She has a passion for developing powerful tools for transformation, and for making change STICK!

Sue excels at helping people bridge the 3D practical world with the 5D of spiritual and universal energies for explosive transformation:

  • “Play a bigger game” in life and work.
  • Be empowered, purposeful, supported, and heard—standing tall and motivated.
  • Be equipped with the tools they need to make measurable changes and make them stick!

Have Sue speak for your next event, or to your group or association! Also available for MC, panel moderation, and interviewing.

Please note: Sue is honored to speak at your event and is available for paid speaking engagements only.

Templates for Transformation Series

Sue Lundquist is down to earth, relatable and speaks from the heart with kindness and a supportive tough mom approach. Sue likes to call her speaking events Template for Transformation because you are actually going to walk away with real life practical tools (aka a Template) after hearing her speak. Sue’s speaking gigs are about engaging with you the participants. Striving for positive engagement, offering real life practical solutions and genuine enthusiasm to whomever she speaks to. This includes participants getting to work and applying the practical tools while attending Sue’s Speaker Series.

“I do not want to just speak from a stage, I want to be with the participants, engaging and this included getting them out of their comfort zone to get them beyond their limiting beliefs and olds habits. I do this by teaching them proven real life practical tools that they can apply to their life for immediate & lasting results”

-Sue Lundquist

Especially helpful for people who are…

  • In transition both personally and professionally.
  • In Spin out & not sure what to do.
  • Wanting to define and create Confidence, Vitality and Abundance in their life.
  • Itching to creating their second act.
  • A Leader in their life (parent, team leader, Healer, boss) with a desire to show up as a better example. More clear and confident.
  • An entrepreneur in the Healing Arts wanting to be clear on their code of conduct & culture, and how they are going to represent themselves and their company?

…Did you answer yes to any of these for your audience? Then reach out and lets find a win-win solution for you and your peeps.

Speaker Topics

  • Finding “ME” in an energized world (creating your PCC/Personal Code of Conduct: Clarity on you 2.0, your wants & desires).
  • Empowering Accountability
  • Fostering Confidence & Mindset strategies
  • Reclaiming Personal Power and Trusting Yourself and Your Choices
  • How to say a Respectful No

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Speaking Testimonials

“As the Program Chair for the Renton BPW local, I’m really picky about the speakers we have present to our group. Having seen Sue Lundquist in action before, I knew I wanted her to share her message of The Power of Gratitude, and had high expectations.”

“Not only did she exceed my expectations by delivering great information and useful tools, but she also connected well with our audience. I heard so many people comment how her remarks were so timely and just what they needed. Sue not only inspired our group, but made me look good too!”

“Sue Lundquist was a guest speaker for my women of courage meeting. Her energy and insights were life changing for many of the women who attended. She speaks pure truth in a manner that is contagious, exiting and playful. It is obvious she lives what she teaches. She made it easy to take her concepts and apply them in life. I particularly liked how she taught us about limiting beliefs and how to identify them in our lives.  She is pure magic and a gift to us all.”

“Sue Lundquist is a dynamic speaker, engaging, fun, and oh so very real! In the busy life we lead, gratitude fundamentals are critical to our personal and professional lives. I so appreciated the humorous stories, quotes, education, laughter and sentimental reminders how encouragement and gratitude take us to the next level in life.”

“Sue’s story, examples and audience engagement clearly show she walks her talk. If you’re looking for an authentic speaker who can make thankfulness come alive, look no further. Sue Lundquist is your gal.”

“I want to thank you for your presentation last week at the Renton Professional Business Women’s monthly meeting. I attended because I liked the title/subject matter about being thankful and how that translates into being more successful.”

“I really enjoyed how you engaged with your audience. And I really liked your tangible ideas for making thankfulness a real part of your thinking process.”

“I’ve always felt the difference between a truly effective speaker is whether they give you tangible and practical ideas which you, yourself, can implement. I would recommend you to anyone wanting a coach or a speaker because of your professional, friendly manner and your effective ideas.”

Speaker Intro

Sue is a multi-faceted Dynamo; as a successful Business owner, Intuitive Clarity Coach, life-changing Workshop Leader, Author, Transformational Traveler, and a Radio host who has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders and inspiring minds through her International Radio show: The Gratitude Café, Positive Radio to Feed your Soul.

Sue’s life started out riddled with tragedy; death, suicide’s, abandonment issues, loss of personal power, physical and mental abuses, but this did not define her life. She found her voice again and this has created Sue’s passion and desire for creating positive and sustained transformation in her life and other people’s lives.

Sue unique ability is in bridging Spirituality with Practicality. This is accomplished by Sue’s very own Template for Transformation which is her unique curriculum for teaching and showing people their own power and confidence and make this change STICK!

This is accomplished with over 25 years of research and development and creating her curriculum “Template for Transformation” that utilizes higher frequency energies (5 th dimension). Her unique superpower bridges the 5d with the 3d life.

Learning and integrating Sue’s practical life style tools have been wildly successful for those yearning to reclaim their own voice, personal clarity, confidence and trusting in one’s self again.

Sue’s proven mindset and awareness strategies is creating explosive changes and getting people out of their own way to achieve and live in vitality, confidence and abundance.

Please join me in a loving and warm welcome, Sue Lundquist.

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