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You’ve become a Mom or Dad.

It may have been a sudden realization as your beautiful baby first came into the world. Or it may have been a slow realization as you saw your children developing thoughts, personalities, and their own lives.

You are feeling the pressure to finally be better than you’ve ever been, to be who you always wanted to be. You feel the drive to be an inspiration for your children and a shining example for them to follow. And you feel extra guilty when you don’t follow through on that unspoken promise.


You know it starts with you, but how do you do it?


You feel stuck.

And all the while, you may be thinking, “What about my dreams and all the things I still want for my life?” You may feel pressured to just be Mom, or just be Dad. But that’s a mistake.

You may even feel like you just have nothing left.

Believe me, I know fully how it is as a proud mom, myself. Moms & Dads already feel overwhelmed and under-motivated. They are pushed to their wits end at times… or all the time.

They find themselves balancing…

  • career or business
  • family life
  • romance
  • parents and in-laws
  • schools
  • sports
  • health

and somehow get sleep in there somewhere, too!


How can they take on one more thing?

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not obvious either.

There’s no energy for willpower, so you need tools and a guiding hand to get you over the hump. You need clarity and well-defined purpose to guide you and make each step clear. You need your own innate, personal power you can call upon automatically instead of by an act of will.

And believe me, it can be done. I’ve gone through my own mucky muck to develop the tools and simple practices to make it happen in my own life. Then I’ve applied it the lives of so many moms and dads before you.

You can’t hope to have your kids become the best people they can be without first becoming the best YOU that you can be.

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I wanted to take a moment to say something very important to me…

It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, divorced, happily married, or a grandparent-parent.

I’m here to help you accomplish that impact with your own life.

I welcome all types of Moms and Dads, whatever your family may look like, and know how to help with your unique struggles.

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Some of these probably sound familiar:

  • You find yourself making a lot of excuses and compromising your values
  • You find yourself having a negative outlook and a negative thoughts towards yourself and others
  • You just want to crawl into bed, yet you want to be an engaged and amazing parent to your children
  • You find yourself struggling to keep boundaries – with your children, with family, with your spouse, with everyone else…
  • You wish you could stay calm and connected, even when all you want to do is scream and run out the door
  • You want your own passions and aspirations – something that’s yours – while inspiring your kids in the process

I’m not here to teach you parenting tips. I’m here for YOU – the Moms & Dads who want to be more both for themselves and for their children. I help you break down your own mental roadblocks that keep you from being such a powerful, positive influence on your children’s future. And I help you get clear, passionate, and purposeful in who you are and where you are going.

Everyone needs a champion by their side to get them through and fight by their side. I am that champion for you.


Together, we tackle the 3 Pillars of Inspiring Moms & Dads:

  • Boundaries – no more people-pleasing!
  • Confidence – no more negative self-talk!
  • Purpose – no more negative outlook (what I call Eeyore syndrome)!

We build each pillar brick by brick with simple, powerful tools. Within our first few sessions you’ll begin to find clarity, purpose, and personal power so you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be, and achieve what you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Before long, you’ll know in your bones and soul that you are enough. You’ll find deeper clarity, purpose, and real hope. And you’ll find your power to enforce your boundaries and go after what you want, not what other people want of you.

You want to raise empowered, conscious, inspired children. It starts with you finding your own power, awareness, and inspired life.


It is my mission to see a world full of inspired, powerful Moms & Dads.

I want to break the pattern of failed resolutions. I want to eliminate the regretful “never quite got to it” uttered after their children are already grown.

I want every Mom & Dad to hear, “Mom, you inspired me to be who I am today,” or “Dad, I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without your inspiration.”

I want every Mom & Dad to see their kids grow to be amazing people with passionate lives… all because of them.

Imagine how that would feel for a moment.

Now imagine how it would feel to already be exactly who you want to be – to be clear, purposeful, powerful, passionate…

Imagine how it would feel to wake up every day feeling blessed and inspired by your life. Imagine handling life’s many little fires with ease and be fully engaged.

You might be able to figure it all out on your own…. eventually… but who has the energy or the time? You’ve put it off long enough already, haven’t you?

You have only this moment with your children. Now’s the time to impact your children, to be amazing and lead an inspired life. I’ve gone through it – first after a young life of tragedy that I had to claw my way out of, and then after having my own beautiful girls that became the world to me.

I’ve gone through and painstakingly developed the tools and systems. I used these tools to fundamentally shift out of the old negative habits and insecurities holding me back, and continue learning every day.


For the last 20+ years, I’ve…

  • Read the research
  • Read the books and attended the workshops
  • Interviewed hundreds of the most inspiring minds
  • And worked with client after client to apply the same tools and systems to them
I already have the tools, the systems, and am here by your side with the guidance and accountability to make it happen.

We go step by step, developing your clarity, purpose, and power, teaching you the tools and putting in the systems to make it all as foolproof as possible. I give the personalized guidance for what you face and what you strive for. And most importantly, I help you stay accountable and proactive.

9 out of 10 people fail their New Year’s resolutions, even when they do it year after year after year. They fail for good reason. They fight against themselves and don’t put in place the tools and systems that make change successful and STICK!

Together, we’ll dismantle the mental roadblocks sabotaging you from progress. You will discover clarity in who you are, what you stand for, and where you are going.

We’ll then build your 3 Pillars of Inspiring Moms & Dads piece by piece – Boundaries, Confidence, Purpose. I’ll teach you the simple tools that you’ll use to transform your life. And I’ll keep you accountable and moving forward as we tackle the obstacles in your way.


Inspired Parent Program: One on One Private Sessions with Sue

Each monthly 50 minute session is directly with me, Sue Lundquist, in a one-on-one, private session. The six month program is where the change really happens.

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That’s $149 $133.16 per session!

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That’s $149 $133.16 per session!

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“I was overjoyed with the time I had with Sue. She was remarkably ‘on target’ with what I needed and I’m still feeling results from our time together. My brain messages changed and I’m still listening to positive and encouraging stuff coming from my thoughts.

I’m playing a bigger game now in my personal and business life. I eagerly recommend spending time with her to anyone that wants to grow in their personal life or in their business.”


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