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Life-Changing Experiences

Find clarity, purpose, and joy at home and at work. Heal, move on, and receive the messages you need to move forward. Play a bigger game in life with Sue by your side guiding and helping you heal every step of the way.

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Take the First Step to a New Life…with Your Free Phone Consult

Together we’ll start a plan for achieving your goals, transforming your life, and overcoming your challenges. It only takes 15 minutes.

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I’m Ready to Change My Life!

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One-on-one, private clarity coaching with Sue Lundquist. Powerful change with direct guidance from Sue herself.

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One-on-one, private energy work and clarity coaching sessions together for even faster and more powerful results.

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Launch amazing changes in your life that stick with group workshops in Seattle led by Sue.

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Hire Sue to speak at your next event or meeting to play a bigger game in life and work.

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Discover the Inspired Parent Program

What are you passing down to your children – an inspired life or one full of overwhelm, disconnection, people-pleasing, and destructive self-talk? Your child’s future starts with you, and you’ll love the life you create!

Become an Inspired Parent!

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Ever feel scattered, overwhelmed, or held back by fear? Do you find your relationships, family, or career suffering?

Are you ready to:

  • “Play a bigger game” in life?
  • Be empowered, purposeful, supported, and heard – standing tall and motivated?
  • Finally be equipped with “the tools” you need to make measurable changes?

My life started out riddled with tragedy: death, suicides, abandonment issues, loss of personal power, and physical and mental abuses. But that didn’t define my life.

Today I’m a successful business owner, wife, and mother to three children. I walked the talk and pushed through the hard work to tell you that you can overcome and thrive.

If you are ready for that bigger, transformative life… if you want to break free of your fears and roadblocks… I invite you to join me in making amazing change in your life, and making it stick!

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“I am so glad that I met Sue! I truly believe that people are brought into your world for a reason – some of those people end up being with forever, some come and go, and some heal. Sue healed a little part of me.

She was insightful, honest, and she held me accountable for believing I could make changes! She did not let me give up on me or let my emotions be in control. Sue gave me the opportunity to see myself and my future differently.

It wasn’t traditional therapy.. we used tools (ones that you could practice at home) to change how one thinks, a few whoo whoo* moments, and energy to help heal the body. It was nice to be with someone who believed in my ability to take back the control and to love the life I have. I wish I could see her every week for a tune up!

*whoo whoo – When you think positively, do something kind and generous without wanting anything in return, or put effort into a dream and it comes back to you in surprising and positive ways.”


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