Release your Small T Trauma blocks

Go from checked out to tapped in!
Reclaim your Peace, Love, Vitality, Trust and Value.
Starting with just day 1 this is going to bring so much hope and understanding to what has been going on.

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Release your small T trauma: 

Day 1 Nervous system: a crimp in my wiring (action step)

Day 2- 3 phases of transformation (action step) 

Day 3 Your personality creates your personal reality (action step)

Day 4 Habits (actions step)

Day 5 Recap: Q and A sustained your change, tapped in (action step)

This is accomplished by reshaping the nervous system responses,  lifestyle alignment, and redesign a personal road map. Combining positive psychology, mindset habits, new boundaries, and staying tapped in and turned on to a life and lifestyle of your own design. All this delivered in relatable bite size pieces with a big impact. 

As you know, my education, my research is in the field of human potential and personal development and much based on walking my own talk with my own personal journey and her trauma recovery, her reclaiming, her understanding.  All of this education of practical application, creating my own curriculum, energy healing modalities and certificates has all brought me to one space, one realization: that is, the moment of  “coming home”.

Love, you have to make a commitment to you,

You have to make a commitment to yourself.

You are accountable.

You are willing to do the work 

You are open-minded and to a new way of thinking, being and feeling.

You are ready to have peace again, to feel the sun on your face again.

You are in your boat of life and rowing so hard up stream and on your own. It is time that you are given a new set of ores and learn a new way to “come home again” .

The full fee of the course in non-refundable and non-transferable. If the Participant elects the payment option plan, the Participant is responsible for paying Company the entirety of the remaining balance. If a payment plan is offered and is chosen, the payment plan must be paid on time each month and ay default in payment will result in immediate removal from the course. The Company retains the right to legally enforce Participants to pay any remaining balance on their payment plans should cancellation occur.

As the policy above state, due to the digital nature of the course, there are no refunds for any reason.


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