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Generate Your Roadmap to a Meaningful Life You Love in as little as 60 Seconds… All based on my 16 point system that quickly gets to the core of your values, desires, and motivators.

Based on quick, intuitive answers, we’ll auto-magically generate your 60 Second Life Plan for you.

Created from my own journey of over 20 years of research, interviewing the greatest minds, and guiding others.

Starting from a place of trauma, people-pleasing, and feeling completely stuck during my early adult years, to what is now a life filled with purpose, loving relationships, and unforgettable experiences,

  • Reveal the critical factors that behavioral science shows are essential for getting and staying motivated, overcoming challenges, and getting to a meaningful, purpose-driven life.
  • Bypass the wishy-washy thinking brain to overcome indecision and get clear on what really matters.
  • Get right to the heart of….
    –> What you innately value
    –> Where you want to go and who want to be
    –> What truly motivates you
    –> What you really want to attract
    –> What is that one next step you could take now

All in a one-page life plan you can print or save to light your path forward with more clarity and direction…

…All to help you start creating a meaningful life you love the same way I did, in a fraction of the time it took me to figure it all out:

Yes, start my 60 Second Life Plan!



I know how it is to be stuck in the same old patterns, struggling to break out into new levels of joy and fulfillment in your life.

Take the first step to finding the life you were meant to live, and take action right here and now!

You’ll get not only direction, but motivation.

It’s so easy to get stuck in our thinking brain, overthinking everything, letting fear and doubt keep us from taking action, and not having the inner drive to go after the life we want.

But there are a few critical things (16 points to be exact) we need to have the drive and vision to create the life we really crave.

I guide you through the process of identifying each one in a quick and intuitive way that doesn’t leave room for overthinking, doubt, and indecision.

Don’t wait any longer living with anything less than the life you were meant to have.

Yes, Start My 60 Second Life Plan!


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