Videos to Inspire!

Here are some great videos to help inspire you and learn more about I’m Thankful, LLC!

I’m Thankful for You!

I’m Thankful Journal


People v. The State of Illusion – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Project 101010 – Extended Trailer


BBC Human Planet Video

IGNITE YOUR SOUL – Inspirationz Motivational Video


Bob Newhart. Stop it!

Japanese Man Turns Plastic into Oil


Did You Know?

Womans Faces


Fallen Soldiers–Taziah

T- Mobile Heathrow



The Race

Jessica Positive Affirmations


Jackie Evancho

I’m Thankful for you


TED Talk
Brene Brown: Listening To Shame

TED Talk
Brene Brown: The Power Of Vulnerability


Random acts of kindness remind people of 9/11 minsdet

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