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273 | Vulnerability = Powerability with Nicholas Moore

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Clarity with Sue Episode 273 | Vulnerability = Powerability with Nicholas Moore

Nick’s extraordinary journey has led him to become an expert and leader in the areas of vulnerability, self-love, and compassion. Along with sharing pieces of his incredibly vulnerable story, Nick shares his insights for overcoming the inner critic, letting go of the opinions of others, and how to gracefully ride the ever-changing waves of life. Nick grew up in Texas within a culture of racism, violence, and patriarchy. These ideals would continue to plague his psyche, until the uncontested power of personal suffering would lead him to his awakening. After witnessing an event and calling Child Protective Services on his father for allegedly sexual molesting his granddaughter and daughter; Nick was at his wit’s end, suicidal, and looking for answers. Simply put, Nick’s story and messages are incredibly powerful. He’s changing the way the world views vulnerability; and most importantly, the way people view themselves.


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