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249 | The Diamonds Within Us With Melissa Moore

Clarity_with_sue_Melissa Moore

Clarity with Sue Episode 249 The Diamonds Within Us With Melissa Moore!

Melissa Moore PhD, co-founder of Karuna Training (a certification in Contemplative Psychology) would be a great guest on the Gratitude Café podcast.  Melissa has dedicated her adult life to teaching the tenets of Buddhism and Contemplative Psychology, helping students better manage their emotions, explore the notion of intrinsic health, and understand their interconnected, nondual nature. Melissa’s latest book, The Diamonds Within Us, brings modern context to ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings. The lessons within this book aim to help readers discover how to better integrate their human experience to live more empowered lives. Melissa reveals how to befriend yourself as you are, access the wisdom of emotions, embody deep listening skills and resource yourself when working with others, address long-standing fears and challenges in relationships, explore and sync with the invisible forces of life, and much more. In all her work – deploying her passion, experience, and wisdom – Melissa wishes to reach those seeking.




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