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256 | Revolutionary Recovery with TJ Woodward


Clarity with Sue Episode 256 | Revolutionary Recovery with TJ Woodward!

TJ Woodward, Revolutionary Recovery Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Addictions Treatment Specialist, and Bestselling Author who is discussing how to remove toxicity from your life and enjoy healthy relationships instead. TJ is also a featured thought leader on along with Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gabor Mate, and Mark Lundholm, as well as a featured thought leader in the upcoming doc useries Addiction Revealed due to be released in early 2023.Sue’s Mini Moments:

Daily Awareness Practice” to help us be tapped in and turned on to life.
The energy we keep and the energy we do not need.

“Its an inside Job”

 On this episode of – “Its an inside Job” – and our Daily Awareness practice

We are speaking to limiting beliefs:
Awareness of what is holding us up and BLOCKING progress….

Start with definition : limiting belief
a state of mind, a belief about yourself that restricts you in some way.

A Belief is something you think about over and over that you think is true.


Limiting beliefs are caused by a number of factors but they all stem from the same place: …. your brain’s desire to protect you from pain in the future. These triggers that show up as “limiting belief” can include fear, and based from “THE PAST” experiences.

Often, limiting beliefs start from a young age and progressively evolve and reshape throughout your life as you encounter new experiences. Whether you’ve had a painful experience that caused you to fear similar encounters or are scared of what’s to come, limiting beliefs can prevent positive new beliefs from forming.

Knowing the cause of your limiting beliefs is a great way to understand the thought process behind them and begin to manage them.



Awareness / self check in
Limiting beliefs show up many times as:

  • Excuses
  • Procrastinations
  • Make assumptions
  • Complaining about________



The big ask of self when this comes up… Is that really true?
Many times it is not.
Nope, then let it go. …..“Give your nervous system a pep talk full of love, kindness and gratitude for keeping you safe, and now it is no longer true.” You wouldn’t tell a child learning to walk, when they fall down that they are stupid or not strong enough… show up for yourself in love and kindness as you learn to walk again, and reclaim your footing


Start trusting self again:

  • by creating new language
  • new neural pathways that then create a new experience
  • Tap IN to your new energy/frequency to what you attract and how you show up to your life.

—- that is intimacy on a whole new level! BOOM all the juicy stuff!

Mentioned on this Episode:

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