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247 | Mastering Change with Steven Twohig

Clarity_with_sue_ Steven_Twohig

Clarity with Sue Episode 247  Mastering Change with Steven Twohig!

With over 20 years of work in the human transformation field, Steve’s has seen more need and opportunity for change than today. We live in a world where everyone is preparing for an argument and begging for connection. We are drowning in information but starving for wisdom. 

He believes that this is due to miscoding deep in the human mind. This coding is the root cause of all suffering in the world. By doing your shadow work, you are doing the work necessary to change the world. Everything in this reality is a reflection of everything else. If above, so below. So within, so without. You are a reflection of your outside world, just like this world is a reflection of you. Thank you for choosing this path. 



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