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240 | Learn How To Unlock Your Innate Healing Potential With Energetic Osteopathy with Jess Bell


Clarity with Sue Episode 240: Learn How To Unlock Your Innate Healing Potential With Energetic Osteopathy with Jess Bell!

Doctor Jess is an osteopathic physician who recognized her path to become a doctor early in her life.  As an avid athlete and health enthusiast she has always been passionate about the human body, which led her to pursue a career in osteopathic medicine, specializing in both Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Early into the Covid-19 pandemic, she began to align with her true soul purpose and began offering healing sessions from a distance.  Healing sessions offered in this way occur within the quantum field of energy that exists within and all around our body and can be offered in person or from any distance.  Most importantly, healing sessions are even more effective when offered to ourselves.

Since bridging her traditional osteopathic practice with energy healing services in early 2020, she has been committed to empowering others to heal themselves by teaching them about their bodies and how to work within them energetically.  She offers group healing sessions so others can experience what it feels like to have energy move within their bodies, and then hands then the energetic healing tools and practices to self heal.

Doctor Jess integrates and bridges the worlds of modern medicine with the energetic fields, and offers you a collaborative healing experience, empowering you to take ownership of your life and body and learn how to heal from the inside out.

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