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228 | Sacred Sexuality with Suzanne Najarian

Suzanne HS

Clarity with Sue Episode 228: Sacred Sexuality

In this episode of Clarity with Sue, Suzanne Najarian joins host Sue Lundquist to talk about sacred sexuality.

Suzanne is a Sacred Sexuality Teacher and accredited Sex, Love and Relationship Coach. She helps people awaken to their sexuality, spirituality and aliveness. Her work helps people to have deeper connections with themselves, their sexuality, spirituality and relationships.
Suzanne became a Sacred Sexuality Teacher and Coach after finding herself a mom of two who was disconnected from her sexuality and aliveness. After a career as artist making interactive soft sculpture to bring people into awareness of their bodies, and many years on a spiritual path, she dove into studying Tanta, Taoism, and Sacred Sexuality in depth. She now helps people to step into their own divine aliveness, and to reclaim their sensual selves as a way to transform any area of their lives they desire.

Mentioned on this Episode:

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