Note to Self – Thank you

You have all heard me say #1 in all I teach is Awareness…
When was the last time you genuinely and authentically said to yourself, your soul, your heart…
“Dear Life, Thank you.”

Take some time today and HAND write out a letter to your life. One full of gratitude (not victimhood).

Let me explain.

We all know that there are “opportunities”  in our life that provide feedback in the forms of (and limited to)  fear, doubts, achievements, lack, disappointments,  coming up against old labels, and limiting beliefs.

It’s important for our growth that we shine a light on these  “opportunities” this is our universal “awareness practice”.   Once you can see the lesson and the wisdom gained from a place of observation, the learner and the CC’s this facilitates confidence (aka belief in your own ability).

Are you aware of the labels that have been given to you from parents, coaches, regrets, unforeseen or random mistakes, past failures, past achievements?

Meaning, do a self-check-in (awareness practice): Ask, Is this true? Does that label genuinely and authenticity fit ME?

More times than not it does not. So if not, release it, reclaim, and redesign your true Essence of Self.

Let us all take our power back… Reclaim your life, Reclaim your love, Reclaim your true Essence of self.

Dear Life,

Thank you for _________________________
(you fill in the blank this is all for you, feel authentic & genuine)
showing me, teaching me, providing me, giving me, NOT giving me, NOT showing me, NOT providing because it all wisdom gained, a lesson learned & earned!

This style of inner language is  “a mindset practice” in abundance, self love, self confidence and gratitude.

I would love to see what you write, and only if you want to share. I have zero expectation and honor your boundaries and choice. Send me a note at