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202 | Identify & Rewrite the Stories that Hold You Back with Rich Curtis

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Gratitude Cafe Episode 202: Rich Curtis

In this episode of The Gratitude Cafe, host Sue Lundquist talks with Rich Curtis about how to identify & rewrite the stories that are holding us back. 

Rich Curtis is and always has been a guide. For a decade as a raft and backpacking guide and now as a real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, and success coach. Rich guides, coaches, writes and speaks to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, adventurers, and go-getters rewrite their stories, get unstuck and live their dreams. As a story expert, passionate student of neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral psychology, Rich believes in a world where people are invested in the process of being better tomorrow than they are today. His life’s work, including his book, Change Your Story Change Your Life, has been about helping people get there. Outside of work Rich is a dedicated father of two, husband, traveler, and outdoor adventurer.

Mentioned on this Episode:

Rich’s book “Change Your Story, Change Your Life”

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