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190 | Lisa Winneke

Gratitude Cafe Guest Headshot Lisa Winneke

Gratitude Cafe Episode 190: Featuring Lisa Winneke

In this episode of The Gratitude Cafe, host Sue Lundquist and Lisa Winneke have an incredibly inspiring conversation about courage and vulnerability.

Lisa is the founder and host of The Good News Guide (podcast and YouTube channel), a Speaker, Author, and truth seeker with qualifications in numerous energy modalities. She is passionate about life, and it is with her big heart and vulnerability, combined with an innate ability to communicate, that she effortlessly supports people connecting back to their true nature and the innate wisdom that resides within, for more joy, deeper connection, and greater fulfillment in life.

In her role as host of The Good News Guide, Lisa shares deeply engaging, entertaining, and transformational conversations weekly with thought leaders and change-makers. Delivering noteworthy information that expands people’s minds and leaves listeners more empowered, heart-connected, and inspired. A different form of ‘news’. One for this century!

Featured on this Episode:

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