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185 | Acharya Shunya


Gratitude Cafe Episode 185: Featuring Acharya Shunya

In this episode of The Gratitude Cafe, host Sue Lundquist talks with Acharya Shunya about her new book Sovereign Self, a first of it’s kind in the English language. And they have an enlightening chat about Vedic Wisdom, radical self-acceptance and so much more.

Acharya Shunya is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and scholar of nondual wisdom (Advaita) and an award-winning and classically-trained master of Yoga and Ayurveda. The first female head of her 2,000-year-old Indian spiritual lineage, she has dedicated her life to the dissemination of Vedic knowledge for the spiritual uplifting of all beings. She is the president of The Awakened Self Foundation and author of bestselling book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, which became one of the top 10 books in alternative medicine in 2017.

Featured on this Episode:

Acharya’s Book, Sovereign Self

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