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174 | Understanding Human Design with Jess Bubbico


Gratitude Cafe Episode 174: Featuring Jess Bubbico

Today on the Gratitude Cafe, Sue is chatting with Jess Bubbico about human design. Jess can be found at Jess The Intuitive on her website, Instagram, and Facebook. Jess is an Intuitive Medium & Intuition Educator dedicated to teaching intuitive cultivation for personal empowerment and global contribution for the highest good.

Jess and Sue introduce human design, which Jess describes as a system that brings  together astrology, chinese teaching, kabbalah, quantum physics, and the chakra system to map out our energy and our purpose. Human design is basically your operating system and shows you how you make your decisions. There is so much value in knowing that human design aspect of yourself, so that you can give yourself a break when you operate differently than someone else does. 

“We could go from Washington to Florida without a map. It might take a long time, but you’ll get there. With a map or GPS, you’ll get there with a little bit of ease. That’s what human designs.” – Sue Lundquist

Once you understand your GPS, or your human design, you can put in place your boundaries by practicing saying no and knowing what you need to be within your boundaries. “That’s where Sue comes in,” Jess says. Sue can help you bring in the language needed to set boundaries and have the hard conversations you need to have in your life. 

There are 5 different archetypes in human design that describe how your energy system runs: 

*Note uses the titles in parentheses

  1. Manifestor (Initiator) Trailblazer who get the ball rolling, love to create and act impulsively
  2. Generator (Alchemist) get things done as natural hustlers and doers of society.
  3. Manifesting Generator (Time Bender) have sustainable energists and love to create
  4. Projectors (Orchestrator) are here to be our guides and are very wise
  5. Reflectors (Calibrator) are like our audience

To grab your human design chart and to figure out which type you are, check out You will need your birth time in military time. 

Jess and Sue will be hosting some live events in December to help you find your most genuine and authentic self. They are the perfect team because Jess shows you who you are and Sue teaches you how to use that new information or your new operating system in your daily life. 

Jess Bubbico
I teach you how to develop an unshakable bond with your intuition and awaken your unique gifts so you can make your greatest contribution to our world.

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