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161 | Discerning Your Intuitive Gifts with Jess Bubbico


Discerning Your Intuitive Gifts: Is It Fear or Intuition?

Gratitude Cafe Episode 161: Featuring Jess Bubbico.

Jess Bubbico helps you awaken your intuition & uncover your unique gifts through classes, readings, and programs designed to support you in embodying the truest expression of you.

You contain more wisdom and innate ‘knowingness’ within you than you could possibly know.

But if you’re not used to engaging your intuitive discernment, it can feel confusing or unclear.


There is a level of awareness that is required to truly know what you’re feeling and the messages your intuition – or fear – is there to listen to.

Self-regulating tools and daily practices are important to first building a strong connection to your truest self.

What messages does GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) have for you?

Maybe it’s a feeling… a sign or spirit animal totem.

*Sue talks about the many spirit animal totems who showed up repeatedly during big life changes this year and how she followed them to her new life!


Jess Bubbico is an Intuitive Medium & Intuition Educator dedicated to teaching intuitive cultivation for personal empowerment and global contribution for the highest good.

Learn more – and explore free resources and paid programs – at



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