Coming Off a Rush of Love and Transformation in Mallorca, Spain with 1400 other Amazing Folks

WOW! I am coming off a rush of love and transformation in Mallorca, Spain with 1400 other amazing folks who participated in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s weeklong workshop.

Over the past year you have seen me increase my travel.  I have been blessed to be a chosen as a Team Leader for Dr. Joe Dispenza as he travels the world teaching people how to heal and transform their lives.

I am beyond humbled by the work all these amazing souls are doing to overcome themselves and by doing that, heal themselves. In tribute to all the participants and our time together I am sharing the Happy Face video that the Ecephelon (Dr. Joe’s company) Staff put together. You’ll feel the love, excitement and healing that took place during the retreat.

See video here:

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I love doing my work, and I will continue to cross my own bridge of initiation to better myself so I can be of better service to all of you.

That is why I do what I do and to continue to create my online live events like the Craziness to Clarity, 1:1 coaching, private groups, and soon to be release the virtual training of your Personal Code of Content (PCC). I love seeing clients liberate themselves through the PCC process.

I truly love seeing the transformation in my client’s lives. I get to witness and be a guide as they see their true purpose and potential.  I get to see them reclaim confidence and feel the vitality and abundance their lives have to offer.