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129 | The Science of First Impressions with Lisa Fischer Styling

In today’s episode, we’re clearing the clutter – metaphysically and physically! With fall here (and the holidays right around the corner), it’s the perfect time to clear the clutter and create a great fall style.

And today, we have the perfect person to help us do that!

Lisa Fischer (founder of is here to share tips & wisdom for creating a great personal & professional style that reflects the story you want to tell yourself & the world.

Stick with us …In true, Gratitude Cafe style, we go way deeper into your style in this episode. Diving into:

  • The science of first impressions
  • The story you’re telling yourself when you look in the mirror
  • The story you’re telling the world beyond your wardrobe
  • Why clarity in your closet is essential to your style
  • Lisa’s signature 4-step process for creating your unique style
  • …and much, much more

You’ll want to listen because this episode is powerful.


The Show

Time: @ 8:00am PST October 22, 2019

Radio 1150am or listen live online at
Call in with questions or perhaps we are guided to have a reading:
1-800-298-5569 (KKNW).

About the Guest:

Lisa-Fischer-bio.jpgLisa Fischer is the founder of where she teaches the impact of using wardrobe language to create an authentic first and lasting impression.

“Helping women fall in love with their appearance again is a huge passion of mine. What I’ve learned is when someone understands their shape, their colors, and their fashion style, transforming their closet becomes fun again.”  -Lisa Fischer

Learn how to create a loving & confident wardrobe that reflects the woman you are today & how you wish to be treated by the world.

Visit to take the Free Style Assessment Quiz.