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How to Turn Things Around When Life Becomes a Drag!

When did life become a drag?

Growing up, there was so much possibility… so many dreams…

And then somewhere along the way… well, things changed.

Ever felt that way?

Jill used to be so creative! She would stay up late driven by her latest fancy or creating that just perfect mix tape.

It was her dream to travel the world. Once she took a last minute road trip in our beat up old car… I can’t believe it made it back, but she had a blast that summer!

Yes, it was often silly in hindsight. It wasn’t always the most responsible. But wasn’t there a thrill behind life in those days??

Now it all feels different. With Jill’s marriage sliding into the mundane and her kids creating a black hole for her attention, she lost something along the way.

It was her. It was the dreams she had for her life and the excitement she had for simple joys and silly adventures just for her and her best friend.

Now it feels more like she’s lost the spark. She’s given up on creation. She makes choices more on fear than excitement and possibility.

She takes everything more personally, is a little more nervous, more skeptical, more down.

She went from spark plug to negative nellie…

Sounds exhausting to me!

Time to turn things around

She hit what I call Eeyore syndrome. It happens to too many of us!

Remember Eeyore, the always down in the dumps donkey?


“We’llll nevvverr make it,” he says in his signature dragging, dull voice.

Let me tell you – you will make it.

You’ll make it to your dreams. You’ll make it back to having dreams, adventures, creativity, joy, and excitement for life.

You’ll make it because I know you are enough. You just lost your way a little and need a little helping hand!

We start with the single most fundamental practice that will turn ANYONE’s life and perspective around. Shift your perspective and you shift your life.

Daily Gratitude… Simple, Effective, but few Keep to it!

Yes, it’s a gratitude practice.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of it, but I hope it’s not the last time you try it!

Gratitude is the secret to turning your outlook around. It is the secret to finding a sense of purpose and excitement. Not just one day, or once and a while. Every day.

It only takes a minute or two to think of what you are grateful for, and really feel that gratitude. Feel the appreciation. Practice it every day.

[Tweet “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.- Tony Robbins”]

Look, I’m not pulling this out of my toosh!

It is scientifically proven to create a more positive and happy mindset, persistently. Less depression. Less regret. Less “I’m just in one of those moods.”

It is scientifically proven to shift your mindset towards focusing on the positive instead of the negative. There will always be negatives, the happiest and most successful people focus on the positives instead. Again, scientifically proven in study after study after study after study!

So what are you waiting for??

Start right now!

I am grateful for___________________

( Even better, share it with everyone else here » )

Picture what you are grateful for. Think of little things…

  • “The way my spouse smiled at me this morning.”
  • “The sun filled day.”
  • “The sound of that really beautiful bird song.”
  • “Having a warm home.”
  • “I accomplished this one critical task today that I set out to finish.”
  • “I was able to help that woman in the coffee shop when she dropped her purse.”

Picture it and let the moment fill you a while. Feel the positive sensation and appreciation for that one thing. Ignore everything else and focus entirely on that one thing.

Do this day after day and feel the effects build!

But don’t let what you’re grateful for become automatic. Really feel the gratitude each time and challenge yourself to find new little things to be grateful for.

You’ll soon find yourself being..

  • More productive and excited
  • Healthier
  • More accepting of differences
  • Less jarred by unpleasant surprises
  • Find a calmer mind and more abundance
  • Seeing possibility and creativity in your life

In fact, I care so much about you starting a gratitude habit and turning your life around, I have a special email series to guide you and motivate you to keep your gratitude practice alive. Get it here:

Help Me Keep My Gratitude Practice

Your soul will thank you.

Wait… still a skeptic?? You are a tough cookie. Maybe you tried it before but couldn’t get the hang of it.

Try it for one week. That’s just 7 days. You can try something for 7 days, right?

You could even try the gratitude practice email series and you’ll get additional guidance, tips, and prompts to really level up your gratitude and make it work for you.

If you don’t feel even the tiniest bit better, you can stop. Or you can keep going and get all the amazing results that creep into the bedrock of your life. Your choice 🙂

I hope you’ll try and keep at it because I KNOW it will have such positive effects for you over time.

So You Started Your Gratitude Practice, and You’re Feeling the Clouds Lift…

Then what? This is just the start of a turning point in your life!

Want to take it further? Why not start by adding affirmations! But watch out, make sure you do them so they really work »

On a roll?

OK, stay tuned for my upcoming post on the surprisingly life changing effect of the simple thank you! Seriously, this is a hidden gem you’ll just want to try. You’ll feel amazing, and I’ll give you my system for doing it consistently with amazing impact… and even make it fun!

You’ll be over the moon in no time!

Appreciation is the illicit little drug for both you and the lucky recipient. You’ll probably even start getting more appreciation coming your way you never expected…

All that, and you’ll be creating deeper connections with people that you never thought possible. All that is coming up, so be sure to subscribe below!

Plus, leave a comment below on your experience with gratitude. Have you tried it? How did it work out for you?

Just One Pillar of My Three Pillars to an Amazing Life!

You positive outlook and sense of purpose is what this whole post is really about. And it is one of three pillars to an incredible life.

So don’t stop here!

Take it all one step further and go after an amazing life bursting with purpose, joy, and confidence. You may have started to give up hope on it, but the three pillars of an amazing life can turn it all around. It just takes a little help and some life-changing tools to get you there. I’ll guide you every step:

You can still go after your dreams, find your spark, and get back to the life you were meant for – just like you imagined years ago!

Join me and a community of others taking the same journey, along with a helping hand in the process as you guide you step by step through the whole system.