The Road to the Oscars – The Challenges and Opportunities of an Entrepreneurial Mom

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AwesomeSOXX™ was selected to be a part of VIP swag bags in the OSCARS after party festivities for the Latin Film Industry.  AwesomeSOXX™ and I were heading to Hollywood!

This is a huge honor considering we are selected against many amazing companies and entrepreneurs. I was feeling blessed, excited and nervous. Here’s the story, and how you can get these same kinds of opportunities.


Everyone wants to know how did AwesomeSOXX™ and I get this opportunity?

ACTION! Action my friends.

For example, over the past few weeks I have been promoting AwesomeSOXX™ via social media, Twitter to be exact. It was a lot of work, but AwesomeSOXX™ got some love from the likes of Liz Gilbert (East Pray Love), and even Sonia Choquette took some time to call them “cute”.

In the process of ACTION, I had signed up for HARO (help a reporter out) a few years back. I was setting the seeds so I could catch a query that would be appropriate for what I was doing.

I didn’t know when it would pay off. I just did it knowing I’m creating my own luck.

One day, I answered a query from HARO and quite honestly forgot about it in the craziness of life. Then suddenly on Saturday afternoon, I get an email from the producer of the Latin Film Industry’s OSCAR VIP after party saying that AwesomeSoxx™ has been selected!

This is a high profile event and not just anyone is selected to be a part of these VIP swag bags.

Yes, to be sure, I felt excited, and anxious, annd doubtful…. as in SELF-doubt. That little bugger was creeping in, poisoning the opportunity.

Then I consciously choose to ignore it and just kept keeping the faith.

Seriously, I was also in a bit of disbelief and really had no idea what to expect. That, in itself, made me anxious. Yet again I kept the faith, the faith saying “it will all work out.” I was consciously choosing, saying to myself, “I choose love and trust.”

Choosing Possibility Despite the Fear and Doubt

I choose possibility instead allowing fear of the unknown or doubt get in the way and bring me down.

Telling my family was the next big hurdle because we have a heavy sports schedule on weekends and that makes for a crazy schedule for just one parent to handle. Getting a hotel room and flight took a good part of the next two days.

Over the next few days I go about my business promoting, preparing, ordering and shipping AwesomeSoxx™ to the producer.

Can I just say I was scared! I was scared they were not going to like my product, yes fully aware they already said yes. But I am sharing my vulnerability to show you we all go through it.

Come Thursday, the UPS notice arrives saying AwesomeSoxx™ has been to delivered to said OSCAR office. Silence. An “oh my god” came over me. Like OK, this is really happening!

I leaned over and gave hubby the news and an OMG with a kiss…. all the while watching one of our three daughter’s basketball games.

Friday came another special note from said OSCAR office. The Producer actually took the time to reach out and say she received AwesomeSoxx™ and how much she loves them! BAM!

That made my day, and yes was totally external validation! I didn’t absolutely need it, but it sure was nice to be appreciated!

The Challenges of Entrepreneurial Motherhood

Now my next story I share is an entrepreneurial parents dream….(said with sarcasm)…..In the midst of such great anticipation, validation, joy, and exuberance there is arguing, tension, and fighting with a teen daughter. So much so a door gets shut on Mom with and exclamation of “I hate you,” walking away smiling to friends as she greets them.

How many of you can relate to this?

Seriously, can I note just get a break and have some JOY, they really do think life revolves around them. Yes, just as I did and you did when we were young and a raging hormonal teen.

So my next choice was:

  • To keep going on about MY business of planning meetings, taking calls, and organizing that one does before they set of an “OSCAR VIP Party”
  • OR stop all that I am doing and focus on my relationship and the emotions of said teen.

I chose my teen, and even though I made a point to stop everything I was doing to open up dialog to resolve what was going on, there was no resolution. At least she knew I was there. She knew I cared (whether she admitted it or not). Tis the life of a mom entrepreneur.

My hope in telling you the emotional aspects of my pre OSCAR-ness is to shed some light on what we all go through. We are all subject to vulnerability, shame, anger, frustration and guilt. I am quite certain even the Hollywood stars go through just as humbling experiences as we do as entrepreneurial parents.

What is important to remember is what we do. We take ACTION to make it positive and create possibility from it.

On to Hollywood…

I’m on my way to Hollywood. Thanks for the ride hubby!

So on my flight to Hollywood I made some new friends and my mantra was “ I AM BRAVE” because I have NO idea what to expect and that is O.K.

Thank you Alaska Air for making my trip so specail!

Day of….

07Morning of OSCAR’s at farmers market on my jog. Sweet gal writing poetry right there on the street at the Farmers Market-clever!

08Clea Duvall and I shared conversation and crepes in Hollywood at the Farmers Market on Sunday. Sorry no pictures of us together. I had gone on a run and hit the farmers market on a fly on the way back to hotel and was not carrying my phone. However, I did have my Itouch but it had locked up-go figure! She said congratulations on the AwesomeSoxx™. I admitting, “I really do not know what I am doing”, her response: “none of us do”. Her energy was very kind at heart. Thank you Clea Duvall and keep up the great work!

Look at the size of this thing! Yes that is a large to go carton.


I was told they are rarely open on Sunday’s so I felt pretty luck I was able to drop AwesomeSoxx™ off, actually see Lisa and her A-mazing space. Seriously the Atmosphere and my server was so friendly and kind as well. Did I mention Lady GaGa’s Vase? I got a picture of this too (my youngest daughter would have shot me, had I not).

Me and AwesomeSoxx™ at the OSCAR Party 2015. On our ride back to the hotel there were two cop cars with lights on that caught my attention. I looked over to a man jumping for joy clinching his OSCAR! Obviously the cop car was there to protect him so he could get the picture he wanted.


Good time all in all and a great opportunity. Currently, keeping the faith and taking ACTION!

Blessings, Love and support, Sue