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I successfully teach conscious and successful women over 40 how to reclaim and redesign their life after small T trauma.

This is accomplished by reshaping the nervous system responses, lifestyle alignment and redesign a personal road map. Combining positive psychology, mindset habits, new boundaries, and staying tapped in and turned on to a life and lifestyle of your own design. All this delivered in relatable bite size pieces with a big impact.

Here you will find over 20 years of research, education and walking my own talk to find my passion for all of us not to suffer anymore, not to diminish one’s self anymore, to show confident, authentic, genuine and aligned with what we desire in our life and lifestyle, and not based on someone else’s ideals, fears, thoughts and beliefs.

Take your power back now.  My promise to you, when you apply this simple process you will see massive shifts and amazing changes in your life!

I will teach you powerful mindset tools and practical daily habits so you too can reclaim, rediscover & redesign your true authentic self, and so you too can create a new life overflowing with confidence, joy & vitality.

Clarity, Confidence & Healthy Boundaries

FREE Tools. I’m sharing life-changing mindset tools for clarity, confidence & setting healthy boundaries. Download your’s now.